The ROI of Simulation-Based Training

White Paper - Costs and benefits of simulation based training key considerations

Are you wondering how to fit simulation in your budget?

Year over year, construction projects are growing in scope and size, and finding skilled heavy equipment operators can prove to be difficult. Training new operators can be a risky activity that can’t be taken lightly and the cost of training for each of them can be substantial.

An investment in simulation-based training not only helps fill employee and training gaps, but does so in a way that is cost-effective and increases safety and work-site productivity.

The experts at CM Labs have developed a white paper with this in mind:
The Costs and Benefits of Simulation-Based Training: Key Considerations

This paper reviews:

  • The traditional costs of training
  • The savings that simulation can provide
  • Additional benefits of integrating simulators
  • Cases from organizations who have successfully implemented simulation-based training
  • Key considerations when determining how to evaluate if simulation fits into your training program.

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