Your Complete Guide to Construction Equipment Training Simulators

Success with Simulator Training: Case Files

How are leaders in the construction sector using simulators today?

Like any tool, what simulators can help you accomplish depends on how you use them — there is no “best” way to train with simulators, since your approach is highly dependent on your trainers and organisational resources.

Options range from reserving simulator use for inclement weather, all the way to incorporating simulator use into each training development milestone. Certain simulators come with a “built-in” curriculum, which can reduce the time you spend developing your teaching materials and methodology. This is particularly useful for organisations launching a training program for the first time.


Some simulators also provide you with objective operator performance indicators and scores, which can help you determine when a trainee is ready to progress to the next stage of training.


Ultimately, how you use simulators is going to be highly specific to your requirements.


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