Vortex Studio 2017b is out – Discover what’s new!

I’m proud to announce the second Vortex Studio release of this year, version 2017b. With this release, we’ve focused on improving the simulator integration stage, which still relied heavily on code-based processes.

With Vortex Studio 2017b, the Vortex Studio Player application now offers point-and-click tools to set up and launch distributed simulation systems. Users can quickly locate the computers located on their local network and assign specific application processes to them, and save their architecture as a simulator profile that can be launched in a single click.

Vortex Studio 2017b - Menu
We’ve also rethought the user control integration and configuration process. Input definition has been decoupled from hardware integration. Not only does this mean you don’t need to have access to the final hardware while you develop your content, it also means you can replace controls without having to go back and change your content, using the Vortex Studio Player.
Vortex Studio 2017b - Control Presets
Vortex Studio 2017b also features some significant performance improvements to our earthmoving simulation engine. This is especially visible if you are simulating high-precision earthmoving operations, like terrain grading. This used to require significantly more power than more common tasks, like cutting and digging. We’ve also fine-tuned some of the earthmoving visual effects, such as erosion, to look more natural and engaging.
Vortex Studio 2017b is available for download right now. If you have an active maintenance and support contract, you can upgrade for free – simply download the new installer through your online account page.