Introducing Vortex Studio 2020b

Vortex Studio 2020b comes packed with exciting upgrades, including Python 3 support, a new DirectX renderer, and a tech preview of Unity integration. This release also includes powerful improvements to the physics engine, and many usability improvements.

Support for Python 3

This release adds support for Python 3 as scripts embedded directly inside your content, in addition to a powerful application-level API.

Vortex Studio 2020b - Python
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New DirectX Renderer

A new DirectX renderer is integrated with the Vortex Editor, so you can use the Editor on most PCs and laptops.

Unity Integration: Tech Preview

With Vortex Studio 2020b, you can request a Unity integration package (for Unity 2019.3.14f1).

Vortex Studio Unity - TN
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Parallel Solver and Physics Engine Improvements

This release includes major simulation stability improvement in the parallel solver for guaranteed simulation speed-ups, even in the most complex of simulations. In stress tests, we measured performance speed-ups of up to 16x when using the parallel solver, with no noticeable difference in simulation behaviour (measurements performed with an Intel i7-4710HQ CPU @2.50GHz with 4 physical cores).

Additional solver and engine improvements:

Strong and Weak Coupling Out of the Box, With the Solver Group Extension

You can now model “weak” and “strong” coupling with the Solver Group extensions from directly inside your content.

Vortex Studio - coupling-strength
In this example, the stronger boxes can push the weaker ones but not the other way around.

Run-time Control of Solver Groups

By specifying “coupling strengths” for specific portions of your simulation, you can adapt performance requirements throughout entire simulation scenarios, and address bottlenecks before they happen.

Vortex Studio solver group activate
When the “Active” input is unchecked, tracks and turret are split into two partitions, indicated by the different colored spheres of the Partition Display following the change.

Improved Modeling of Constraint Limits

Limits now respect physics properties such as limit stiffness.

Consult the release notes to learn more about Vortex Studio 2020b, including:

  • new rigid tracks for modular vehicles;
  • new ray cast sensor tutorial for C++;
  • usability improvements (improved 3D manipulation toolbar, streamlined assemblies with integrated part workflow, improved asset browser, and new content localization tools)