Hardware in the loop winch simulation

One of our partners in Korea, JNE Systech, has recently posted an interesting video showing how they used Vortex Studio as part of a hardware-in-the-loop simulation to validate a winch heave compensation system.

If you are not familiar with heave compensation, it is a technique used on lifting equipment to reduce the effect of waves during offshore operations. Vortex Studio was first used to do a virtual simulation of all crane mechanical systems, using its maritime and cable simulation capabilities and connecting to MathWork’s Simulink® , where the heave compensation logic was modeled. Simulink was then used with connected hardware to validate logic models. Many shots in the video show the hardware via a webcam with the simulation, showing the direct link between the two. Beyond its immediate use in R&D, this is also a great example of how Vortex Studio can integrate with specific equipment PLCs and control systems to deliver a more authentic training simulation. If you are not using Simulink, a similar integration is possible using the Vortex Studio SDK.