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Simulator training technology has shown tremendous progress over the years – combined with motion platforms and immersive experiences, it is a tool for education that has proven to help increase operator confidence, reduce jobsite incidents, accelerate learning, cut down costs, and boost productivity. All-in-all, it is an investment that supports the most important assets in your business – the people who work for you.

But all simulators are not created equal. The technology embedded in every CM Labs simulation solution uses a very special patented algorithm, called Smart Training Technology™, which simulates the equipment and environment your operators work in. From the cable tension to tire pressure, how the hook and load respond to prevailing winds, or how the earth behaves when digging, this technology recreates the environment so that you can expect the very best training outcomes. Integrated into a curriculum built by subject matter experts and industry-leading OEMs, CM Labs’ simulation solutions better prepare tomorrow’s workforce.

How is this Technology Making a Difference on the Job?

4 Ways CM Labs’ Earthmoving Simulators Help Increase Operational Efficiency

New to the idea of using simulation? With an overview on key benefits of simulation training, learn how IUOE Local 150 increased training capacity by more than 100% with a CM Labs’ solution..

6 Ways to Calculate Return on Investment for Heavy Equipment Simulators

Conewago Enterprises, using CM Labs simulation training, saves $30,000 for each crane operator they train. Want to learn how? We share highlights from their simulation training program including how they reduced cycle time by more than 37%.

What is Smart Training Technology™ and Why Does it Matter?

Why all Construction Simulators are not Created Equal

In this article we explain how our secret sauce, Smart Training Technology™, really makes all the difference in how an operator learns, retains, and rises to improve learning retention, and is ultimately better prepared for the real world challenges on the job.

Webinar: Training For the Worksite of Tomorrow

Take a deep dive and geek out on our Smart Training Technology™ and how it separates us from the pack. With its accuracy backed by more than 20,000 automated daily tests, we share how our innovative approach to training will ensure you are better prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

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