Expect More: CM Labs Simulations’ Training – A Proven Impact on Jobsite Health and Safety

With over 60% of construction accidents occurring within an operator’s first year of work, the need for proactive, high-quality training is paramount to safer jobsites.

The key to safer jobsites is operational competency, which includes situational awareness, critical thinking, technical expertise, and proper jobsite planning. CM Labs Simulations has proven to improve safety and working conditions for both novice and seasoned operators.

As part of this year’s May’s Health and Safety week, we share our top reads on how simulation training from CM Labs can make a difference in your health and safety metrics.

How Simulation-Based Training Improves your Health and Safety Metrics

According to OSHA, construction companies can save $4 to $6 in indirect costs for every dollar invested in direct costs (such as training) by avoiding injuries in the workplace. Read how IUOE Local 926’s Training Director, Anthony Nash, uses CM Labs’ realistic simulation to challenge trainees with risky operators in a controlled setting under the watchful eye of their instructors.

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Building Operator Confidence through Simulation-Based Training

In a recent study, nearly half of workers comp claims come from workers with less than a year of experience. The cost of inexperience is high. Read how simulation training allows operators to accelerate learning and build confidence gradually, rather than trial by fire.

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Does Simulation-Based Training Improve Operator Safety?

Seat time in simulation-based training is a highly effective method for improving operator safety in hazardous situations that all levels of expertise can benefit from. We share all the details on how simulation reduces the risk of accidents and improves operator safety, leading to cost savings for companies.

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Counting the Costs of Safety Violations in the Construction Industry

Findings show that accident prevention can be improved without higher costs and slower schedules. In this article learn how increased training, such as simulation training, more frequent inspections, and more health and safety meetings result in fewer lost-time injuries, lower costs, and a larger profit margin.

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