Color Grading to Fine-tune your Scenes

Color Grading is a brand new feature introduced in Vortex Studio 2017a. It is the process of altering and enhancing the colors of content to prepare it for display. In Vortex Studio , color grading modifies the colors being represented on the screen by applying a tone mapping function and a color correction transformation. The following images showcase how color grading can be used to improve the appearance of models. It allows Vortex Studio to display a bigger range of colors when combined with a tone mapping pass. In the example shown here, we used color grading to fix the lighting artifacts seen on the roof of the car.
Before color grading
Before color grading
After Color Grading
After color grading
Now that we have colors in a larger range, we can apply a tone mapping pass to see both the dark and light zones better.
High exposure tone mapping
Lastly, Color Grading lets the Vortex Studio image generator refer to a color look-up table (LUT), either one created using an image processing software or using one of the tables available within the extension. This allows artists and level designers to apply additional visual effects, such as color saturation, adjustments, and more. Here is an example, where a sepia color LUT was applied to our image:
Color Grading is an advanced technique. As such, it is best handled by experienced artists.