Professional-grade simulators for operator training

The immersive Vortex Advantage simulator will be on display at AISTech, featuring overhead crane and mobile crane training modules, and more. Keep reading below to learn more about CM Labs products, or book your AISTech test drive by contacting us now.

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The Vortex Advantage

The Vortex Advantage simulator is designed for maximum training flexibility. With the ability to run any training module, options for different screen configurations, motion platform, instructor station, and swappable control sets and pedals, the Vortex Advantage scales to training programs of all sizes and budgets.

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Mobile Crane Training Module

With the Mobile Crane Training Module, operators learn the fundamentals of load charts, complex lifts, and selecting and using different parts of line. They’ll also learn the fundamentals of safety systems including anti-2-block, outrigger placement, and operating in poor weather conditions.

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Overhead Crane Training Module

With the Overhead Crane Training Module, operators learn the fundamentals of overhead crane operation, including crane and worksite inspection, load charts, and load handling.

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A full range of training modules

Our lifting and earthmoving training modules are ready to run on any Vortex simulator. Each module assures complete, effective training, with progressive learning exercises, objective trainee performance metrics, and best-of-class equipment simulation.

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Top 5 simulation training benefits

Learn why leading organisations are turning to simulation-based training, in “Virtual Training & Real-Life Results” by CM Labs, published in the February issue of Construction Business Owner magazine.

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