Become a Simulation Expert with Vortex University

With the launch of our new website, we’ve created a new set of video tutorials  to walk users through their first Vortex Studio simulation. These tutorials introduce the different functionalities of the Vortex Studio Editor and explain how to use them to simulate a basic mechanism and 3D environment. They are a great way to ramp up, and are inspired by the professional training we have been offering to customers for several years.

But because Vortex Studio can be used to simulate such a wide range of machines, both ground and maritime, and because real-time simulation is such a complex topic to begin with, sometimes tutorials can’t go as far as we’d like. That’s where Vortex University comes in.

Vortex University is our ongoing series of live educational webinars. It targets experienced Vortex Studio users, and covers a wide array of topics, from simulation optimisation and troubleshooting, to creating a scene with deformable terrain.

Each live session features a CM Labs subject matter expert, and always includes a Q&A section that lets you ask your questions directly to our team. The latest session, which covered the hard- and soft-ground tire modelling options available with Vortex Studio, is embedded above. You can browse past presentations and register for upcoming sessions on our Vortex University page, right here.

We hope to see you at our next session on April 27, at 10AM EST, where Vortex Studio product manager Marc-Alexandre Vezina will discuss Vortex Studio’s hydrodynamics and maritime environment simulation capabilities! You can register here.