How to Get Your Copy of Vortex Studio Essentials

With the release of Vortex Studio 2017a, the new free Essentials edition is now available for download. This article will explain how you can get your own license of Vortex Studio Essentials.

If you aren’t familiar with Vortex Studio Essentials, it is a brand new edition that provides access to the core capabilities of the Vortex Studio unified simulation and visualisation platform. It includes full access to its powerful desktop applications, integrated visualisation engine and multibody dynamics, as well as its advanced powertrain, tire modelling and cable system simulation capabilities. Our Essentials webpage provides an in-depth look at its featureset and capabilities.

Step 1: create a Vortex Studio online account

You will first need to create a Vortex Studio account. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can use it to quickly create your account. Otherwise, you can fill a short form requiring basic information. You will then receive an activation email in your inbox. Click on it and your account will be up and running!

Step 2: getting a Vortex Studio Essentials activation key

Now that you have a Vortex Studio account, it’s time to obtain your activation key.

From the welcome page, click on Licenses. If you don’t have a license currently associated with your account, it will look like this:

To get your Vortex Studio Essentials activation key, click on the  Get Vortex Studio Essentials button. The page will refresh, and will now include a new section with your activation key. It will now look like this:

Write down your activation key, we will need it in step 4.

Step 3: installing Vortex Studio

It’s now time to install Vortex Studio. Navigate to the Downloads page, where all the necessary files are available.

Since you have an Essentials license, you only need one file – the Vortex Studio package, which contains Vortex Studio’s dynamics libraries, visualisation engine and desktop applications. I recommend downloading a copy of the samples as well, as they will come in handy once you are up and running.

Once you have downloaded the necessary files, start the Vortex Studio package and follow the wizard to install it on your machine.

Step 4: activating your license

Now that Vortex Studio is installed, all that is left to do is to activate our license. To do so, start the Vortex Studio Editor. You will be greeted by a pop-up asking you to link a Vortex Studio license:

The Vortex License Manager offers 3 ways to link a license to your Vortex Studio install, but only the first 2 are available with the Essentials edition. If you are using a computer that is connected to the internet, you can activate your license by clicking on Internet Activation. You will then be prompted to enter the activation key that you’ve obtained during step 2:

Click on Activate and wait for the Vortex License Manager to validate your key with our servers. You will then receive a confirmation that the activation was successful. Click on Finish, and start the Vortex Studio Editor, and you should be up and running.

If you are not connected to the internet, you can activate your license using Manual Activation option. Clicking on it will display your computer’s HostID. Go back to your account’s Licenses page, and click on Manual Activation. Enter the HostID value displayed in the Vortex License Manager, and click on Activate. A new Download link will now be displayed to the right of your activation key. Click on it to download your license file:

Go back to the Vortex License Manager and click on I already have a license. Navigate to your license file and wait for the Vortex License Manager to confirm its content. Click on Finish, and start the Vortex Studio Editor, and you should be up and running.

Step 5: watch our Vortex Studio tutorials

If you are new to Vortex Studio, you should head up to our tutorials page, where you’ll find hours of videos walking you through your first simulation project. It’s the best place to ramp up on the Vortex Studio Editor’s tools, as well as best practices and resources.

If you have any questions, you should visit the community forums, where our team and other Vortex Studio users will be happy to assist you!

Welcome to the Vortex Studio community!