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MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software. Engineers and scientists worldwide rely on its products to accelerate the pace of discovery, innovation, and development. MATLAB®, the language of technical computing, is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation. Simulink® is a graphical environment for simulation and Model-Based Design of multidomain dynamic and embedded systems. The company produces nearly 100 additional products for specialized tasks such as data analysis and image processing. Vortex Studio is Simulink Enabled.

CM Labs is a MathWorks Connections Program Partner.

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B-Design 3D

For 25 years, B-Design 3D has provided highly accurate 3D interactive visual databases for real-time rendering systems. B-Design 3D content creation services are supplied to leading companies, primarily in the Training and Simulation (T&S) industry and for Command and Control (C&C/ C4ISR) systems in the developing HLS industry. Over the years, the company has created state-of-the-art 3D visual databases for large terrain areas and urban environments, and built compounds, both indoor and outdoor. B-Design 3D has a proven track record of design and creation of interactive 3D visual databases of all sizes and resolutions, for countless locations around the world.

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Bionatics is a software editor providing 3D solutions for decision-making in territory management. They allow the 3D modeling and visualization of large urban or rural landscapes and the simulation of their evolution over time. The Bionatics products especially target 3D needs in planning and land management (sustainable planning and management of cities, landscape preservation, etc.) and military training simulation (real-time 3D visualization in high resolution over large areas). Thanks to its exclusive procedural technology approach, Bionatics software solutions offer unique solutions on the market revolutionizing the use of 3D for decision-making in their respective markets.

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Boston Dynamics | Di-Guy

DI-Guy is the leading developer of software tools for realtime human visualization, simulation and artificial intelligence.

Every DI-Guy software offering comes with thousands of ready-to-use characters, appearances and motions. DI-Guy enables the easy creation of crowds and individuals who are terrain aware, autonomous and react intelligently to ongoing events.

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VT MÄK, also known as MÄK Technologies, develops software for distributed simulation. Leveraging a strong foundation of COTS software products, MÄK works with customers to build and populate compelling 3D simulated environments. MÄK’s primary users are in the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries, yet the company’s products and services can help customers anywhere modeling and simulation is needed to train, plan, analyze, experiment, prototype, and demonstrate.

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Founded in 1998, D-BOX Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and commercializes leading-edge motion systems mainly suited for the entertainment and simulation industries. With its unique, patented technology, D-BOX Motion Code, motion effects are specifically programmed for each visual content and sent to a motion generating system integrated with either a platform or a seat. The resulting motion is perfectly synchronized with all onscreen content, creating an unmatched realistic, immersive experience.