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CM Labs partners with academic institutions around the world to provide students and research teams access to professional-grade real-time simulation tools. Discover the Vortex Studio academic partnership program, and join the largest real-time simulation community today.

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Asia-Pacific and Africa

Aichi Institute of Technology (Japan)
AAFT – Mechanical Engineering (China)
AIST – National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Beijing Institute of Technology (China)
Cairo University (Egypt)
Changsha University of Science & Technology (China)
Deakin University (Australia)
Jilin University (China)
Kobe University (Japan)
Kyushu Institute of Technology (Japan)
National Defense Academy of Japan
National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences (Taiwan)
Pukyong University (Korea)
The Research Institute of Engineering (China)
Seoul National University GSCST (Korea)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)
Shenyang Institute of Automation (China)
State Key Laboratory of Robotics and Systems, Harbin Institute of Technology (China)
Suzan Mubarak Science Exploration Center (Egypt)
Tohoku University – Space Robotics Lab (Japan)
Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
Tsukuba University (Japan)
University of Malaysia (Malaysia)
University of New South Wales (Australia)
University of Tokyo (Japan)
Waseda University (Japan)
Zhejiang University (China)
Vortex Studio Academic Partners- Asia