Academic Program- University

Empower Mechatronic Research

CM Labs has been working with leading educational institutions for over 20 years. We recognize the importance of acadmic partners in Vortex Studio’s ecosystem, and aim to provide broad access to our professional tools and physics-based dynamics engine to educational institutions around the world.

Discover how to get access to Vortex Studio’s Academic edition

Academic Program- Vehicle Modelling

Program Benefits

Vortex Studio’s Academic edition provides all the tools you need to turn static 3D models, including CAD models, into interactive virtual prototypes, at an advantageous price adapted to academic budgets.

  • Full access to Vortex Studio’s simulation and visualisation capabilities
  • Includes Vortex Studio’s CAD optimizer add-on
  • Access to professional technical support and upgrades
  • Yearly renewable floating license
  • Special pricing matching academic budgets
Academic Program- Experimenting

Academic Partner Criteria

The Academic edition is only available to charted educational institutions that meet the following criteria:

  • The institution’s primary purpose is student education for the award of a degree or certification
  • Vortex Studio will be used directly for educational or research purposes within the institution’s facilities
  • Products powered by Vortex Studios may not be used for commercial purposes
  • Program applicants must also clearly explain how the partnership will be mutually beneficial
Academic Program- Agreement


Academic program partners must agree to certain conditions before accessing Vortex Studio’s Academic edition:

  • Complete a program application, describing research work and planned Vortex Studio use
  • Recognize CM Labs and Vortex Studio on any produced work (publications, conference presentations).
  • Agree to be featured in marketing materials produced by CM Labs, such as a client story

Discover our Network of Academic Partners

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McGill University, Canada

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ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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NTNU, Norway