Airbus Defence and Space uses Vortex for EOD Robot Training Simulation

November 01, 2013

The safety of life is one of the most important issues in the field of C-IED work.

In the last decades various tools and aids have been introduced to support the work of EOD/IEDD personnel. One of the most powerful tools among those are the EOD/IEDD robots.

They have been already used in Iraq to dispose of improvised explosive devices, and nowadays a number of EOD robots are in deployment in countries throughout the world.

The robot hardware is expensive, and the number of devices is limited. Often the device used for operations is also used for training purposes.

In reality, training for different operational situations can only rarely be performed--if at all--due to financial issues, time pressures or lack of availability. The application of virtual training can help to circumvent these practical limitations.

Airbus Defence and Space are using Vortex as the physics simulation engine for their EOD robotics training simulation application.

Vortex was selected after a review of many open source and commercial physics engines, because it was the most stable and most accurate. Airbus Defence and Space recently published their results from this simulation work at ITEC 2010 in London. The conclusions were that the simulation behavior of Vortex and the real performance of the robot were strongly correlated.

To download a copy of the ITEC paper, click here.

Download the case study: Vortex Drives Airbus Defence and Space Robot Simulator for Belgian Army

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