Custom Training Simulators


With our team's depth and experience, we have the expertise to rapidly provide you with a custom training simulator to match your needs.

We work with engineers, subject-matter experts, training centers, and OEMs to deliver exceptional custom solutions, including classroom-sized multi-student setups, turnkey portable simulators for specialized equipment, training exercises, and components.

BP, Honda, Lockheed-Martin, and other leading organizations are Vortex customers—we have extensive expertise in integrating training simulators with specific control systems and hardware devices, and can integrate or emulate PLC and LMI functions.


Vortex is fully optimized for real-time simulation, and delivers the industry's leading accuracy and performance.


Fully Immersive Training Environments

Our custom simulators provide the most authentic simulation-based training available—we work with you to ensure that your Vortex Simulator reproduces your equipment and operating environments:

  • accurate and immersive large-scale 3D environments, complete with interactive 3D objects
  • articulated assemblies, contacts and constraints, realistic tracked and wheeled vehicle dynamics, precise grasping of objects, and high-fidelity cable behavior
  • interactions of mechanical systems in their operating environment—including terrains, fluids, obstacles, vision systems, and more


Vortex simulates the interactions of mechanical systems in their operating environment—including terrains, fluids, obstacles, vision systems, and more.


Complete Turnkey Solutions

Our custom training simulators comprise all necessary components for successful crew training with many types of equipment, worksites, and procedures.

  • High-fidelity mechanical, hydraulic, cable and physical systems in diverse environments
  • Any type of crane or lifting/bulk-moving equipment
  • Actual OEM vehicle/machine controls and custom dashboards, consoles, and touch screens
  • High-resolution display systems with multiple HD panels, projection technology, and head-tracking systems
  • Highly detailed machine/vehicle/robot environments and training exercise development
  • Ambient and equipment sound simulation and specialized visualization
  • Custom designed cabs, enclosures, and display mounting
  • Motion platforms: Integration of any type—from simple actuators to full platforms featuring six degrees of freedom
  • Training, documentation, and follow-on professional services


Vortex Simulator


Flexible Hardware Solutions

Here are just some of our custom hardware services:

  • Displays: Any type of custom display system, such as projection systems, multiple flat-panel displays, and stereoscopic systems
  • OEM controls: Entire range of manufacturer-specific or generic operator-controls integration, including implementation of full OEM machine/vehicle cabs and cockpits

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