Vortex Simulink


The Vortex Simulink module makes it easy for you to embed your existing Simulink models into realistic multibody dynamics simulations.

This means early prototyping and controller testing can be performed in a virtual world, cutting development time and helping you gain early understanding of human and system factors.

Similarly, robotic controllers developed within Simulink can be run on simulated robots that provide the same results as they would in reality, saving you significant system-level development time and prototype expense.

Vortex makes it easy for you to work with the technology you already know – while running Vortex, you can perform tests and validations of embedded Simulink models in Simulink.

With Vortex Simulink, you can:

  • select the parameters to send/receive between Simulink and Vortex
  • configure the connection to Vortex in Simulink
  • connect Vortex inputs and outputs to other Simulink blocks in Simulink
  • execute multiple Simulink models in a simulation, and connect multiple mechanisms to a Simulink model
  • embed a Vortex model inside a Simulink application

Here are just a few of the ways Vortex users have already deployed the Vortex Simulink module's capabilities:

  • using Vortex to perform tests on multiple virtual prototypes—more quickly and economically than creating real prototypes
  • integrating an electronic stability control (ESC) Simulink model in a Vortex vehicle
  • embedding a complete ROV Simulink logic system in a simulation

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