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The Vortex Backhoe Loader Training Module is part of the Vortex construction equipment training product suite.

From earth moving and stockpile management to truck loading, operators who train with Vortex simulators develop the skills, coordination, and worksite awareness they need to master safe, efficient operations.


The Vortex Backhoe Loader training module enables operators to gain valuable experience with no wear and tear to the backhoe, and no risk to themselves or others.



The Backhoe Loader Training Module features progressive learning exercises — from beginner to advanced — designed to gradually build student skill and confidence:

  • Understanding the controls and vehicle positioning
  • Bucket positioning
  • Earth moving and transport
  • Stockpile management
  • Excavation
  • Truck loading
  • Using the quick coupler
  • Safe load handling



With Vortex training modules, operators build real skills faster than traditional training alone, and learning organizations save instructor time and reduce equipment operational costs.

Features include:

  1. A learning program covering basic operating skills ranging from maneuvering, controls handling and excavating, to working with stockpiles and truck loading.
  2. Performance metrics and reporting that provides students with feedback on their operating and earth moving skills.
  3. Best-of-class backhoe and earthmoving simulation that ensures realistic machine behaviour and real skills development.

Vortex training modules include an integrated heads-up display (HUD) that maximise student autonomy and reinforce instructor guidance.

The HUD includes work sequence information for the operator, contextual messages, and a list of performance metrics updated in real time.

Our Vortex training solutions are used at hundreds of installations internationally to provide apprentices with the skills and work habits they need to operate heavy equipment safely and efficiently.



The Vortex Backhoe Loader is a generic loader with an operating mass of 7 729 kg. It is powered by a 108 horsepower engine with 4-speed transmission and all-wheel drive. The simulated backhoe loader is also equipped with a quick coupler that allows the operator to change tools (bucket, forks, or truss boom) in real time.

The simulated engine supplies power to the hydraulic systems, with power and torque delivered based on engine RPM.

Power and torque are modelled on generic curves found on actual backhoe loaders.

Each hydraulic piston is simulated with rod and bore diameters set to values that are representative of what is found on similarly sized equipment.

The power-shift transmission is equipped with four forward and four reverse gears. The vehicle has a top speed of 36 km/hr.

The drive system is four-wheel drive with an option to lock the differential for traction aid.

Download the Vortex Backhoe Loader Training Module data sheet now.


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IUOE Local 14
Vortex Simulator an "Incredible" Addition to IUOE Local 14's State-of-the-art Training Center

Backhoe Loader Simulator | Customer Story

Vortex Simulator an "Incredible" Addition to IUOE Local 14's State-of-the-art Training Center

February 22, 2017

Local 14 is always on the lookout for new and innovative training tools, whether it be a new hi-tech rotating telehandler, spider crane, or excavator, or smart display technology in the classrooms.

However, it wasn’t until Tom Gordon, the Local's Co-Director of Journey Person and Apprenticeship Training, sat in a Vortex simulator from CM Labs Simulations at a Kentucky trade show that Local 14 considered adding a new simulator to the Training Center.

"I was never a big simulator guy," says Gordon. "It just wasn't something I thought was that valuable. But once I got on the Vortex simulator, I realized what a great tool it could be for us here."

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