About CM Labs

For over 15 years, CM Labs Simulations Inc. has been delivering virtual environments that promote crew preparedness, efficiency, and safety.

Through simulation, we help augment skills and reduce the risks of complex operations.

In addition to our turnkey Vortex equipment simulators, we provide Vortex, our simulation software platform, as well as end-to-end services for developing custom equipment dynamics simulation software.

Vortex Simulator

Vortex Dynamics, CM Labs' simulation software


With proven experience ranging from deep-sea to space projects, the CM Labs team features experts with decades of experience and wide-ranging backgrounds in training, vehicle dynamics, heavy equipment, and robotics.

We are the industry’s go-to problem-solver for the most challenging physics and simulation issues, and have a track record of success for both research and applied solutions. 

Along with our substantial in-house expertise, we also have access to ground-breaking research and simulation resources through our international Academic Program partners.

Every day, operators, soldiers, engineers, and drivers are trained on CM Labs’ flagship Vortex solutions at over 1,000 simulation installations worldwide. 

Vortex customers include FMC Schilling Robotics, iRobot, Honda Research, L-3, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Carnegie Mellon University, and over 100 other leading companies and academic institutions.

CM Labs Simulations is ISO 9001:2008 certified.